Less is More

You can’t change the land. So start with the land constraints. Search first by the buildable width (left to right as you face the lot) and/or the buildable depth (front to back) and/or height.

Take Your Time

If the land constraints give you a long list, start adding other criteria in order of importance. Then…

Make a List

If you register as a user (top left of the web site), you can make your own list (top right of plan page), including making notes on each plan. You might like one plan purely for the way it looks, but another purely for the floor plan. This is all useful information for us.

Set Priorities

The variety of people and families is infinite. Therefore the ideal homes plan could be also! You may want to narrow your list by what matters to you most, and consider having plans on your short list adapted. Some key principles:

  • It’s easier to make a plan larger than smaller. Once the stairs, bathrooms and other critical spaces fit at all, enlarging is much easier than trying to squeeze important spaces in when shrinking a plan. So don’t be afraid to look at plans smaller than your target. But…
  • Making a plan smaller might not be a big deal, if the places where you want to reduce are large rooms – a big living room, maybe the master bedroom is above it, and also larger than you need… How can you tell? We can help with a Design Session
  • Surprisingly, it can be easier to change the look of a house than the floor plan! So, we’re back to your list. Some plans might illustrate just one thing you like. Try to have one or more on your short list that really address your floor plan needs, especially the first floor.

Things that are almost always fairly simple:

  • Adding an attached garage.
  • Adding a ground floor master suite, if we put it in its own wing.
  • Reversing a plan
  • Minor enlargements

Beware of going too far with DIY design changes
Oh, we know it’s tempting. You’re all excited, and it’s fun! But we see people get their hearts set on things that they really think will work, that either really don’t – or where there’s a much better way. So just like going to the doctor, bring us your problems and get the full benefit of our expertise. We do it in a collaborative way that will incorporate you needs, likes and priorities. Promise!