Builder Subscription

Our Builder Subscription makes us a team – makes our work together peer to peer, business to business.  Sign up is simple – we send you the Builder Agreement electronically using Xodo Sign. There’s no charge to sign up. This agreement must be signed by the primary owner, but allows you to designate others as authorized to order plans or services for you company.

  • Re-use prices. Right from the beginning, Subscription Builders pay only 50% of the base price when they build a plan again.
  • Marketing – Subscription Builders have access to marketing materials without purchase obligation. This lets you get your projects on MLS right away.
  • Customization – You can work with one of our designers and customize a plan that you find online however you like. Design Work is done at our standard hourly rates. A deposit is required in advance of any hourly services. Please note that we do not allow others to make changes to our designs.
  • Subdivision Services – see Builder/Developer Planning and Marketing.
  • Construction drawings – Our base drawings are targeted at builders, in scope and price. See Suitability of our Drawings. Subscription Builders pay only 50% of the base price when they build a plan again without making changes. See Prices and Process for information about changes.
  • Flexibility – You don’t have to build the same designs you market, and you don’t have to buy a full set of plans to start marketing. There’s no cost penalty for marketing one design and then needing construction drawings for a different design.
  • Professional Quality – We don’t just worry about the pictures being pretty. We are very knowledgeable in current market trends and provide current code applications to all of our designs.
  • Coordination with your Buyers – We have a clear system for helping your buyers with design changes, that takes the load off you and your real estate team. See New Homes.
  • Clear division of Responsibility – We provide the Design and local code compliant Construction Drawings. You’re responsible for things a quality builder/developer can and should handle – zoning, Insulation types, cost estimating, etc. Things that are lot specific, like seismic, higher snow load, flood zone, high wind etc may require additional services. for the full list see Terms & Conditions.

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