Who We Are

Art Form Architecture, LLC. is based in North Hampton, NH, founded by architect Wendy Welton. For single family and two family homes, you can choose from our catalog of pre-designed home plans, and build as shown, or… We can make changes for you – including very significant changes. If that doesn’t meet your needs, we can start from scratch and tailor a new design to your exact needs and property.

We also offer targeted multifamily and commercial design – mixed use, subdivision clubhouses, multifamily, etc.

Our approach has been to both listen to the market and to lead the market. We were doing small houses before everyone else. We were advocating board and batten siding instead of cedar shakes before that nice lady in Texas. The “mess kitchen”? We were doing a “back kitchen” years and years ago. We were showing home offices before y’all knew you needed them… Many of our designs draw on our nation’s history, but there’s plenty of modern innovation as well. How do you think all those unique and interesting older homes came about? Some brave designer did something new! Whether you need a large or small home plan – if we don’t have it, we can design it.


We at Art Form Architecture aim to bring great home design to a wider audience than is served by traditional architectural practice. Our mission:

  1. Great Home Design – so our homeowners are proud and happy to call their house “Home”.
  2. Collaboration – A lot of our process, from the use of 3D software to our interactive design sessions, is designed to help you understand the design and enable you to make informed decisions.
  3. Current drawings – that are clear, use current building codes, adapt for local snow loads, etc. – so you can build that great design.
  4. Excellent Prices – so our services actually fit within the budget.
  5. Efficient Times – often measured in days or weeks. Even when a plan is custom and the time required a little longer, we’re still very competitive.

For projects of all sizes, we constantly strive for excellence in design, the construction documents that support them, and in our interactions with all concerned.

Physical Address:
44 Lafayette Road (Route 1)
North Hampton, NH

If you’re familiar with the area, this is the same plaza as the Post Office and Dunkin’ Donuts. But – please use the PO Box below for mail.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 535
North Hampton, NH 03862

(603) 431-9559

8:30-4 Monday through Thursday
8:30-12 Fridays

Architect & Senior Staff

Wendy WeltonPrincipal Architect, Founding Partner
The majority of the designs are by founder and co-owner Wendy Welton, RA. Wendy attended the Boston Architectural Center in the 1980’s, then moved on to obtain her professional degree from Pratt Institute in New York in 1994. She’s been working in the field of architecture since 1986, was first licensed in 1998, founded Art Form Architecture, Inc. in 2001, and added Artform Home Plans as a division in 2007. States of licensure include New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut.
Holly SpinneyPartner, Senior Designer
As of Jan 2024, Holly is a full Partner. Holly oversees operations. Holly holds Associate degrees in both Architectural Technology (from UNH) and Interior Design (from Hesser College). Holly joined Art Form in 2008.
Allison JohnsPartner, Sr. Designer, Head of Production
As of Jan 2024, Allison is a full Partner. Allison overseas Production. She has an Associates degree in Architectural Technology from the NH Technical Institute. Allison joined Art Form in 2011.
Rachel JonesPartner, Sr. Designer, Head of Special Projects
As of Jan 2024, Rachel is a full Partner. As Head of Special Projects, Rachel manages all commercial and multifamily project. She earned her Masters of Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design. Rachel joined Art Form in 2013.


Allen Colburn JrProduction
Allen joined us in 2008 and focuses like a laser guided missile on Construction Documents. Allen is an experienced framer and builder who put the ladder away and picked up a mouse.
Elizabeth RainvilleSenior Content Specialist
Elizabeth joined us in the fall of 2015 as our Content Specialist. That means she’s dealing with a lot of the marketing materials both for our web site and for our builders. Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Communications from Framingham State University.
Gavin ThomasProduction & Project Management
Gavin joined us in the spring of 2019 as production staff. Gavin has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Keene State College, Keene, NH. He has begun the internship process working towards his architectural license.
Alex GosselinProduction & Project Management
Alex joined us in the spring of 2019 as production staff. Alex has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Keene State College, Keene, NH. He has begun the internship process working towards his architectural license.
Alec FoleyClient Liaison
Alec joined us in the beginning of 2021 as Administrative support and has rapidly expanded his role to be primary client contact. Alec has a degree in Philosophy (!!) from Clark University.
Alyssa HillProduction
Alyssa joined us in 2021 as a semester intern as part of her Architecture degree program at Wentworth. She’s done two internships with us and often works part time in between. She’s currently taking time off to finish her master’s, but we hope to have her back!