We do our work in two phases.

Design Phase work is done at our standard hourly rates (see below). This includes advice, preparation, site measuring, design drawings, etc, as well as the design work itself. While the Design Phase normally comes first, if you request changes after the Construction Drawings, we return to Design Phase. A lot of this work is done in interactive design sessions, with you – for 2023 on-line or in-person is your choice. This phase can go relatively quickly, depending on your decision making process.

Construction Drawings (CDs) are normally done at a fixed fee. Scroll down to the chart below. For some projects, where the work we need to do is uncertain, the CDs are done at our standard hourly rates. This includes most commercial work, most addition-renovation projects, and some single family homes with unusual condition. CD orders go on the list in the order received and paid. The lead times listed include the time it takes for us to do the work in the queue ahead of your project.

To get started:

  1. Free consult (on-line) – Contact Us or call us. If you want an on-site consult, we can do that at our standard hourly rates. Then if you want to proceed – 3 separate emails:
  2. We send your Customer Agreement using Xodo Sign (formerly Eversign). If there are two of you signing, it goes to one first, after that signature it goes to the other, then to us.
  3. We email some time options for your first session.
  4. We send a deposit invoice. Payments are processed through Intuit (QuickBooks) and can be made on-line. We work on an up front refundable deposit that anticipates likely cost for that Phase – or the full price of the CDs if those are fixed price. You can pay by check on-line by entering your bank information. We add 4% if you wish to pay by credit card.

Hourly Rates

Senior Staff

Wendy, Holly, Allison & Rachel

Production Staff

All others

We invoice for time spent – meeting prep, on-line with you, and post meeting cleanup. Missed meetings, without prior notice, are billed for 15 minutes. Deposit funds not invoiced are either refunded to you, or credited to your CDs – your choice.

Hourly rates are subject to change without notice. These rates are new as of Christmas 2022 and should hold through all of 2023. Rates are typically adjusted at the end of each year to keep up with inflation.

We deliver all drawings as PDF computer files. You may print at your printer, or have us print (up to 24×36). Our printing charges are about the same as Staples.

Prices For Construction Drawings / License to Build

TIER 1: Current Plans, can be delivered quickly
TIER 2: Slightly older Plans, will take longer
TIER 3: Oldest Designs. Allow extra time.
TIER 4: Drastically changed, custom designed, some new designs (that don’t  have CDs yet)

Square Foot (sf) listed for price categories are a modified “Under Roof”.  For pricing we include porches, garages, unfinished/future spaces, stick framed “future” attics, and some basements (finished or elaborate). Plans may be moved one category or more to account for unusual simplicity or complexity. Note that “Under Roof” for use in any contract clauses includes all basements and all attic spaces (such as cape eaves etc)

Description T1 (base) T2 T3 T4 (fully custom, or as good as)*


Garages / Tiny
$840 $1,050 $1,260 $2,520 – $3,780


Small / Simple
$1,115 $1,394 $1,673 $3,345 – $5,018


<2000 +/-
$1,435 $1,794 $2,153 $4,305 – $6,458


2000-2500 sf +/-
$1,550 $1,938 $2,325 $4,650 – $6,975


2500-3100 sf +/-
$1,800 $2,250 $2,700 $5,400 – $8,100


3100-3500 sf +/-
$2,160 $2,700 $3,240 $6,480 – $9,720


3500-4200 sf +/-
$2,435 $3,044 $3,653 $7,305 – $10,958


4200-6000 sf +/-
$3,100 $3,875 $4,650 $9,300 – $13,950


6000-7500 sf +/-
$3,600 $4,500 $5,400 $10,800 – $16,200


7500-9,000 sf +/-
$4,000 $5,000 $6,000 $12,000 – $18,000

Prices are subject to change without notice. These are the new rates for 2023, effective December 22, 2022. Even though inflation is higher, we kept the increase to an average of 5%, but not equal across all plan sizes.

*Typical Price Range – See individual Plan or Call for exact pricing.

Construction Drawing Changes

Major: adds 25% of base price
Minor: adds 10% of base price

A Major Change is one that changes the size, shape or structure of the building. Examples: reversing the plan, increase in snow load, removing structural columns, increasing or decreasing size.

A Minor Change is one that does change size, shape etc.  Examples: moving non-bearing walls, changing window sizes, locations, grill pattern.

When Major or Minor changes are done after we’ve already issued your Construction Drawings, a Restart Fee of $75 applies.