Homeowner as GC is not supported under our Terms & Conditions. If you do so anyway, you will be waiving all rights to technical support, additional service and claims. Why? Basically when the homeowner is the GC (General Contractor), two things happen:

  1. Usually that means there really is no GC at all, and the GC makes very important contributions. You have a “real job” during the day, right? The GC does more than phone calls and paperwork.
  2. Even if you’ve built one or two homes for yourself before, your knowledge simply isn’t going to be the same as a builder who builds all day every day, and knows the subcontractors and building officials in your area. We know from experience that the phone calls coming in to us from lumber yards, subcontractors, building inspectors and from you will be tenfold. You’ll say they won’t be. You’ll sincerely believe they won’t be. But they will be.